Friday, June 1, 2012

Last scheduled prenatal visit! (34 weeks 4 days)

I cannot believe that today was the last of my appointments at MFM. The people there have become like a family to us and it was really sad to say goodbye today. I know I will see them for a postpartum visit, but it was still a sad, but happy day. All of the girls asked if they could come visit me next week in the hospital, which I think is so nice. I can tell these people really care about their patients, which is so comforting when in such a high risk situation. We were so blessed by having such a great team that has helped me to get this far!

As far as the visit itself, I'm doing well. No issues aside from the typical aches and pains that are to be expected at this point. The boys are also doing well. They all had normal fluid levels, and heart rates are normal as well. Baby C was breathing the whole time as he as been the last few appointments, but like usual required some prompting to move. He did start kicking Baby A after A kicked him. Yep, they are fighting already! Baby A was incredibly difficult to see as he is in my pelvis, but he performed well. Baby B was the difficult one again today! He was moving like crazy, but made us work for the breathing. He'd go for 15 seconds, then 20, then stop. All we need is 30 seconds! He did finally comply and so all 3 boys got full score for their biophysical profiles. I can't believe that we get to meet them on Tuesday! And rumor has it the doctor doing the c-section likes to get triplets out all during the same minute to confuse the nurses by having the babies have the same birth time! That will make them even more identical!

Please pray that the boys stay put until Tuesday and that we have healthy boys at delivery! At 35 weeks it can go either way as far as needing NICU or not. We would obviously love to have our boys with us in the room, but most of all we just want them to be healthy and get the care they need. Also pray for my nerves as I'm a bit intimidated by having major surgery!

Dan will try to post an update on Tuesday as soon as we are able. The c-section is scheduled for 7:30am!

Oh and here is a picture from this past weekend. My brother (Jay Stover Photography) took it at the twins birthday party! I think I'm going to enjoy having a photographer in the family!

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