Thursday, December 22, 2011

Three of a kind!

Three of a kind!
Jennifer had her first appointment with the high risk doctors today. We've waited these two weeks for it to truly become "official." It was confirmed that she is pregnant with triplets.
We found out today that not only are our triplets spontaneous, they are also identical. For those of you playing along at home, the odds of spontaneous identical triplets is 1 in 200,000,000.
This also means that we will be having either 3 boys or 3 girls. My dreams of an even 2-of-each family are shattered. That's very hard to deal with for someone as "OCD" as myself.
The one fear that comes with identical triplets is that there are three babies sharing one placenta, which loosely means that there is a chance that one or two of the triplets could be short on nutrients, depending on how well they can share.
As one final note we announced the triplets on Facebook. As I am writing this, my wife has had about 50 people comment/congratulate her...I have had two.
Moving forward, we have many more appointments, and a lot of things to think through. As I said, now that it's "official" we are going to try to update the blog frequently. At this point, all we are asking for are prayers that everyone stays healthy.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Day Our World Changed...Forever

It started with the doctor asking, "Were you on any medications?" My mind raced and went blank simultaneously.

As of three months ago I was unsure of the prospect of having a 2nd child. We knew twins were a possibility, as they run in my wife's family. And seeing my brother in law go from one kid to three after having twins, we knew how much our world could be potentially turned upside down. Or so we thought...

My wife told the doctor that no, she was not taking anything besides vitamins, just in case. He turned to the nurse practitioner and asked if she was seeing what he was. We still had no idea what was going on. He turned the ultrasound screen to show us the first baby, and the second, and the third...

My initial thought at that point was, "if anyone can do this, my wife can."

I've since read that the frequency or spontaneous triplets is somewhere between 1 in 6000 and 1 in 8000, or something ridiculous like that. Either way, it is difficult to comprehend. And I don't think I'm to the point of comprehension yet. As I went for a run this morning to clear my head, I was reminded that we are truly blessed. I am sure that I will need to be reminded of that many times over the next 6 months to 18 years!

For the rest of our first entry, I'd like to list some of the thoughts that have helped us laugh our way through the first few days:
Bunkbed cribs
We won't have a "middle" child
It like a real life 101 Dalmatians
We need a new house...and two new cars
We'll still be reasonably young when our 4th kid graduates
I had to make a wisecrack to my grandmother a few weeks ago about them only having 1 great grandchild (our oldest) and that we were doing our part
Apparently normal people often joke about having triplets, because no one believes you
Everyone is so excited for I'm making up a commitment list for tasks after the babies arrive
My wife said she was more nauseous with this it turns out it's exactly 3x as nauseous