Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good day!

So today I am much more alert and awake, which is a good thing! I have been up out of bed a few times and even took a shower! It's amazing how a shower can make you feel so much better.

The boys are doing really well. The pediatrician said that they were acting like term babies than 35 weekers. Good job boys! They are keeping their weight up and maintaining their body temps. At this point if they continue to do well they will come home with me on Friday or Saturday. This afternoon Ryder and Daniel both passed their car seat tolerance test and Garrett is currently doing his.

We are definitely enjoying the time to get to know our boys better and have already learned a bit of their personalities. And because of car seat tests and circumcisions I've even had some one on one time with Garrett and Ryder, which is kind of nice.

Thanks again for your prayers for our boys. Please continue to pray for their health and for my recovery.

Here are some pics, it should be Daniel, Ryder, then Garrett!

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