Friday, June 8, 2012

Ahh relaxation...

So today was a really truly relaxing day. We sent the boys to the nursery for a few hours last night, which was nice as it allowed us to sleep uninterrupted for 2.5 hours. They joined us at 5am and after their feeding slept like champs. I think they were still worn out from yesterday. I was able to take a shower and get a slow start to the day.

After breakfast I was finally cleared for no more sugar checks! Yay! That was such an answer to prayer! I was hoping that the diabetes would resolve before I left the hospital and it did! Then we snuggled with the boys for awhile and just relaxed while they went to the nursery for a bath one at a time. (our nurse is awesome!) Ryder then had his repeat hearing screen - unfortunately he only passed in one ear so we have to do it again tomorrow. After that we had some more cuddly time and just chatted for a bit while I filled out a mountain of paperwork.

After lunch the nurse mandated I take a break and sleep. Wow, I hadn't realized how tired I really was. I slept for an hour uninterrupted and it was incredible. I felt amazing! I was then able to relax for awhile longer before grabbing the boys for some cuddle time. I had a few visitors this afternoon, but otherwise we didn't have a lot of action. It was a nice change from yesterday. We were asked to do another news interview, so that may happen tomorrow before discharge. I requested that it not be today because the boys needed to relax. They were exhausted after yesterday and I was not about to do that again today. Their health is the only thing that matters to us! And besides we have already made it to the Associated Press! Haha!

The boys are doing so well. Ryder is already gaining weight. All of their bili levels are staying under the threshold. And they are eating so well. Today I have managed to provide a bottle of milk for one boy at each feeding and the next feeding there is enough for two boys! Yay!!!! We are still offering formula after they finish the breast milk, but I'm happy that they are getting as much as they are! Once we are home I will start working on them to latch and actually nurse. I just felt like it was too stressful for them here and tired them out too much they wouldn't then take a bottle. At least I feel like we are on our way to breast feeding success!

Otherwise we are set to go home tomorrow! Yay!!! Pray that the boys bilirubin levels don't drastically rise over night as that would be our only hang up at this point.

Oh and the pediatrician found a difference in one of the boys! Garrett has a little dimple at the base of his spine just above his hiney. Maddy has a dimple just like it! It apparently has a technical term, but I don't know what it is. I'll have to look it up!

And here is some cuteness...

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