Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy New Year!

The boys are now 19 months old!  I'm still in shock that we are closing in on 2.  The thought of not one, not two, but three 2 year old boys is a bit terrifying!  These boys already work together to get into all kinds of trouble.  

The boys has their 18 month check up - and everyone is doing well!
Daniel's stats:  24.7 lbs (22nd percentile); 33.5 inches (79th percentile).
Ryder's stats: 21 lbs (3rd percentile); 31.25 inches (17th percentile)
Garrett's stats: 23.5 lbs (12th percentile); 32.5 inches (52nd percentile)

Daniel is clearly built like his Daddy with broad shoulders. He is our tank and he uses his weight to his advantage as he has become our little bully!  He even pushes Maddy around, pretty successfully too!  He loves to dance and is still my blankie boy.  He loves to play ball and can climb anything.  He also enjoys shrieking like a girl!

Ryder is my tiny guy.  He had surgery to put tubes in his ears the day before thanksgiving after having 4 straight months of fluid in his ears and successive  ear infections.  The doctor was not worried about his weight bc of the recent surgery and because he had a GI bug most of the week before the appointment.  She did recommend adding some healthy fat into his diet.  He now gets full fat yogurt and cottage cheese and the occasional pediasure!  Ryder has also become my little ham, as soon as a camera appears he smiles in the most cheesy ways possible.

Garrett is my sweet boy.  He's the first to give a hug to a sad brother.  He will make sure his brother's get the same things he does before getting his own.  He hands out cups for me at snack time.  He loves to play with his baby doll and will rock her and pat her.  And is now starting to sing to her as well.  He is definitely a sensitive soul and gets his feelings hurt pretty easily.  He also loves to dance.  His new favorite thing is to shake his head no, even when he means yes!

All 3 boys are doing so well using plates and silverware to eat their meals.  Some current favorites are soup, broccoli, and meatballs.  We are working on open cups, but it's still kind of a disaster!

The biggest milestone... All 3 boys are in toddler beds!! We had a fairly easy transition at first, but then Christmas chaos and New Years set us back with the boys deciding bed time was party time.  We took a good look at our bedtime routine and after just about a week and a half of very strict bedtime, I'm happy to report the boys have been asleep by 8pm the last 2 nights with no fight and none of the boys getting out of bed!  Praying that it continues!

That is my favorite part of beds - finding the boys cuddling together!

This post is going to be long!  Let me recap the past couple of months!

Ry's surgery was quick and easy and the follow up from his surgeon has been awesome.  We are so happy with how well it all went.  And his walking improved so much after that!  His hearing has also improved, which is good.  I was really upset when I found out he had conductive hearing loss in both ears.

Morning of!  It was an early start, he wasn't amused. 

We had a busy Thanksgiving day, followed by a busy Black Friday getting our Christmas Tree! Madelynn was allowed to pick, and I am pretty sure she picked the biggest one she could find!  It was a beautiful tree (it's actually still standing, just on the deck now)!

One week following this I ended up hospitalized for 5.5 days!  I needed to have my gallbladder removed and then needed another small procedure to remove a gallstone from my common bile duct.  Fun!  The nurses and docs did a great job and my favorite nurse from maternity snuck in to see me too! :) as much as I hated being in the hospital the week before Maddy's birthday, I did manage to get lots of crafts done!  I am also so thankful for all of the people that stepped up to help Dan make it through the week managing the kids and coming to see me! We also received these awesome shirts from a fellow triplet mom, while I was there, perfect timing!
(I was planned, I wasn't, neither was I)

We managed to have Maddy's birthday as scheduled! She loved her Princess Sofia Tea Party and was thrilled that so many of her friends could come and join her!

We then had "lots" of Christmases with friends.  We are so incredibly blessed.  We have so many people in our lives who love our children.  It makes me so happy to know our children are loved!  We were able to spend Christmas Eve with Dan's family and Christmas Day at home and with my family and then more time with Dan's family.  It was a fun, crazy day!
Christmas pictures for the cards I still haven't printed!
Christmas Eve service!  Rockin' the fedoras. 

Santa came!
We had some very happy kiddos!

We started the new year off the right way with going to the Farm Show twice in one day!  Milkshakes for breakfast! Yum!
They really loved the milk shakes, potato donuts and seeing all of the animals!

We have had quite a few busy months. And I'm hoping things slow down in the next few months!  Who am I kidding, we have triplets!