Sunday, June 10, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

We have been home since yesterday afternoon and it has been wonderful. The boys started their time at home with a chorus of "singing" and we just cracked up as it was more than we had heard them cry ever. They quickly calmed down and we got into the routine of things. Maddy came home a little later and was so excited to see us home, it was great! The boys have been eating a ton, and for now I am managing to provide most of what they need. We have worked out a good system for their bottles since they are getting breast milk and formula. Maddy has been a huge helper and already knows what to get if we say that someone needs changed. She also loves to cuddle with them and calm them down when they fuss.

So for now we are doing well. We will see how it is in a few weeks when the boys are closer to term and awake more often than they are now. I am so thankful to have my whole family home with me! I could not have imagined anything better than this!

Woombies! (Daniel, Garrett, Ryder)

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