Thursday, June 7, 2012

What a day...

Who knew it could be this crazy in a hospital room. We made it through the night last night by ourselves with the boys rooming in, and we were incredibly tired this morning. At least we know we can do it on our own though. Yesterday we had been asked if a local news channel could do a story about us, so we agreed and planned it for today. Who knew that would be one of many things occurring today!

We had asked my mom to bring Madelynn in for some of the day and to make sure she was here for the news interview, because she is definitely a major part of our family! She was so cute with the boys talking and singing to them and tickling them. It was fun to see her interacting so well with them.

Shortly after Madelynn arrived the hearing assessment person arrived and started hearing tests. As soon as she finished a few visitors arrived and the lady arrived to take pictures of the boys. Quite literally as soon as she finished the news team arrived. She actually was not able to show us the pictures before she left.

The news interview went really well, the boys were great and I didn't feel like I had to come up with an elaborate story, but was able to just have a conversation with the cameraman, which took away some of the pressure.

As soon as the news left the photographer came back to show us our pictures and when she left they came to take Ryder for his circ (Daniel and Garrett were yesterday).

It was crazy! Somehow in all of that we managed to keep them on their feeding schedule, I was able to pump on schedule, Ryder managed to nurse for 10 minutes and we were able to eat meals on time. I am honestly not sure how we didn't drop over from exhaustion! We are sending the boys to the nursery tonight so we can get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep, otherwise I don't think we would make it through tomorrow!

I have to admit though it was really cool to see our family on the news tonight. The boys are just amazing! I think we will be here until Saturday, but at this point that means we will all be going home together! Yay!

Please continue to pray that the boys keep up their good work and pray for pain relief and continued good recovery for me.


  1. what an awesome photo!!!! so glad things are still going well. hope you got some sleep last night :) saw your segment on the news - what celebs!! I wanted to suggest nail polish for their big toes if you still needed a way to tell them apart :) Wishing you a safe journey home!