Wednesday, March 13, 2013

9 Months!

I cannot believe that in a mere 3 months my babies will be one year old.   How did this happen so quickly?!?  It is truly amazing to look back and think about how little they were just 9 months ago.  Daniel and Garrett both at 5.5 pounds and Ryder just a bit behind at 4.5 pounds.  Knowing now how much they weigh, well and eat for that matter, I can't even remember them being tiny.

The boys are growing like crazy and seem to be learning new things every day.  Garrett still seems to be the most "mature" and has reached all of his gross motor milestones first.  I can still remember our pediatrician saying "Garrett must have been the original baby." the very first day we were in the hospital because he was oh so grown up compared to his brothers!  It has held true in that he has seemed to be about a week ahead of Daniel and 2 weeks ahead of Ryder when it comes to moving!

Daniel is still my sweet cuddly guy who wants to snuggle all the time.  He is quite capable of holding his bottle to eat, but would much rather someone hold him and his bottle instead.  He has the best laugh and babbles constantly.  He was also the first to learn how to clap and will wave his fingers at you mimicking the person he is watching.   He is crawling on his hands and knees occasionally, but when he wants to move quickly he's on his belly.  He is pulling up to stand, and falling pretty frequently, so we cheer and he smiles!

Ryder has become my smiley boy over the past few days.  He is always smiling in response to people talking to him.  He is also clapping and loves to bang toys together to make music.  He is still my best "people" food eater, and when he sees the "real" food, don't bother with the baby food because he will clamp his mouth shut until you give him the big boy stuff!  He always out eats his brothers with his real food.  He may be small, but he gives them a run for their money!  He is now crawling on his belly well, and is fast.  He can catch the other boys and will now climb onto and over them, which I cheer for because of the few weeks of them using him as a climbing block.  He is starting to pull up onto his knees to play at items, and is desperately trying to pull into standing, so I think that will be any day.  He is also finally sitting as well as his brothers.  I am pretty sure he is my mini - he is very STUBBORN!  Oh and another thing Ry will yell, not cry, but yell if you walk out of his direct line of sight and he wasn't done playing with you.  He also has a very funny laugh and it sounds almost like a nervous giggle.

Garrett is my dare devil.  He currently has a large brush burn on his forehead from trying to climb into a laundry basket while climbing over a "cruising" toy.  This boy has had more bruises and marks on him than Madelynn ever did!  He just doesn't seem to be afraid of anything, and it shows!  He is my first one to "escape" if the gate is left open and if you ask him what he is doing he just goes faster.  He wants to explore.  He has been crawling on hands and knees for quite some time and is climbing on and over anything and everything.  He is not only pulling up to standing, but cruising and is starting to switch between objects that are close to one another.  I am terrified to think of what is going to happen when he starts to walk!  I'm hoping that waits a few more months!  He also enjoys chatting, and he is a momma's boy!  If I put him down and walk away, look out, he will be standing at the gate crying in less than a minute.  I'm still not sure how these boys got to be so spoiled!  There are three of them, don't they know that?!?  Garrett has also started to wave at you if you wave at him first, which is adorable.

The boys have really enjoyed the nicer weather lately and have been getting to go on walks in the choo choo wagon.  They are so cute looking around and reaching for bushes.  It's quite amusing.  They are also champs at eating at restaurants.  They seem to really enjoy all the people and really don't often get fussy, unless they are without food for long periods of time.  I told you, these boys can eat!  We are finally down to just under 24 oz of formula a day.  And they each eat 1 container of baby food plus real food at each meal.  Today for lunch they had baby food "beef vegetable", cooked carrots, noodles, pork, and applesauce.  Dinner was baby food squash, peas and corn, chicken and oranges.  What can I say, they love food.  Our 9 month doctor appointment isn't until the end of the month, so I will try to update then with their actual weights - I estimated from their recent doctor visits from a week of ear infections!