Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We have arrived!

So this morning began far too early as I was up around 4 am to get a shower and braid my hair and get out the door just before 5. We arrived on time and walked up to Labor and Delivery. I promptly felt like I was a freak of nature because everyone had to come see the woman who carried her triplets to 35 weeks without bedrest or hospitalization. Then add on that the boys are identical and it was practically a circus! In all honesty though, I cannot believe how truly blessed we are to have made it to 35 weeks without bedrest or any other major issues.

After the initial prep we had to wait a little because someone was in with an emergency section and in the largest room, which is where we needed to be. We didn't have to wait too long before I walked down the hallway and into the OR. The whole c-section was an interesting process. It was so surreal to know what was going on, but not be able to feel it. Very strange. We had a great team and I felt very well cared for the entire time. I do know what the most incredible sound in the world is... 3 boys screaming their heads off! The next best thing was hearing the words, "hi, I'm dr so and so the neonatologist and for now we are signing off on the boys. They will be on the floor with you." I almost started crying right then and there.

The rest of the day was filled with family visiting, bottles and lots of diaper changes. It was so nice to cuddle with my boys. I can't get over how incredibly blessed we are! The boys have all done well latching to breast feed, but haven't quite figured it out yet. The pump and I will remain friends for now! (sorry if that's tmi)

Here are the boys stats:
A - Daniel Jeffrey 5lbs 7oz 18 inches
B - Ryder James 4lbs 8oz 17 inches
C - Garrett Campbell 5lbs 8oz 18in

We have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams as the boys have been with us all day doing newborn baby things.

Thank you all for the prayers. Please continue to pray for us as the adventure is only beginning!

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  1. This is most excellent!! The pump was my frenemy for 10 months ;) I hope that things continue to go so smoothly for you!! God bless!