Wednesday, June 13, 2012

1 week old!

I'm a slacker and completely forgot to post a 1 week picture yesterday, so I will make it up to you all and post it today!

Daniel, Ryder, Garrett
The boys were able to meet their great grandparents today and they loved having lots of snuggle time!  I'm so happy timing worked out as it did so that they were in town and were able to meet the boys so soon after they were born.  We are sad that we won't be able to spend Father's Day with them which is Dan's family tradition.  I just don't think that the boys and I are up for a 3.5 hour drive quite yet.  

Great Grandma holding Daniel, Great Grandpa talking to him
Last night the boys were pretty fussy, which is a first for us.  I think they were just a little overstimulated from the last two days of busyness.  

Today has been much more low key all around, which is definitely a good thing.  We gave the boys baths this am, which was cute.  They all weren't so sure to start, but then calmed down and seemed to enjoy it.  It seemed to work out well that Dan could bathe one while I dried, diapered and dressed the previous one.  We are apparently really good at assembly lines!  And I made it to the third boy before I was peed on... Thanks Garrett!

Otherwise the boys have been relaxing, which means I have actually had a chance to relax a bit. Phew!  My friend, Megan, was also nice enough to buy lunch for us and bring it by, so we could enjoy and she could hang out with the boys for a few minutes.

I think that is all that is going on with us right now... 

(I will post bath time pictures tomorrow, my bed is calling more than my patience is allowing me to wait for the pictures to import to my computer!)

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