Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1 week left!

Today's appointment went very quickly. All of the boys were practicing their breathing and moving around like they should be. We had to convince baby A, but then only after a few minutes he behaved and started moving and breathing. I think he was napping because the whole car ride over he was moving all around. Their fluid levels all look good too. Our sonographer "cheated" a bit today to make sure she had the right babies and measured their bellies quickly. I missed what A's measured, but C's was exactly what it should be for 34 w 1 day. B's was 32 and 5 or something. Our tiny guy!

I loved how they were laying today and completely understand why my pelvis has been hurting more. A had his head on the left and his hiney on the right and was shoved way down in my pelvis making it hard to get a look at things, it also means he is transverse and pushing my pelvis apart. Thanks buddy. B was also transverse right on top of A and his head was on my right with his hiney on the left. C was transverse on top of the pile and his head was on the left. So they were a zig zag pile today!

I'm doing fairly well. It's amazing how much more uncomfortable I am this week as compared to last week. It is definitely difficult to get around and stairs have become quite painful! All that to say, I'm happy to be still cooking these boys! I was a bit nervous on Sunday because I had quite a few contractions that night and really didn't want to have them then. I have learned my lesson and have told Dan to make sure I am doing as little as possible. The planned c-section is only 1 week away and I'm hoping I make it!

Please pray for the continued health of the boys and the pregnancy as well as some rest for me. It is getting harder to sleep at night. Also pray that we make it to June 5th! I'd really like to wait and be delivering 35 weekers, so let's keep these boys cooking!

I can't believe we only have 1 appointment left and 1 week until these guys will be here!

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  1. You are a triplet cooking machine! Can't wait to see those cuties : )