Friday, May 4, 2012

Santa in June? (30 weeks 4 days)

Today was a relatively uneventful appointment, which I guess is a good thing. We had a prenatal visit today as well as an ultrasound. My blood pressure is good, no protein in my urine and so far I really haven't had a lot of swelling in my legs. Now later today when it's 86 degrees that could be a different story! I started insulin yesterday, which is no fun, but if it keeps the pregnancy healthy then so be it. We tweaked my dosages a bit bc after my morning dose I was a little shaky before and while eating and I had a major headache. I doubt the new doses will stay where they are for long, but we shall see.

As far as the ultrasound - things looked good today. My cervix is still long and hasn't really changed at all yet. Let's hope that it doesn't! I also found out that after 32 weeks they may not check it anymore. That would be so nice! The boys were being difficult as usual, A was breech, but had his head kind of under B and C. He really doesn't want us to see his face anymore! B and C are both head down, but all three of them have their heads toward the center of my belly. Don't they say 3 heads are better than one? It's funny that they have their heads lined up in a row. All of their fluid levels looked good, their dopplers were all good as well. B's umbilical artery was "slightly abnormal", so he is right on par with where he has been.

I was also able to get the schedule fixed after the craziness from last week. The nurses are great and made it happen. Starting the week of the 13th I will be going 2x a week for biophysical profiles. I was also asked by the nurse about my preference for who would deliver me. She is going to get my c-section scheduled during their Monday meeting! Yikes! Good news is that if it all works out as planned then the boys will get to meet Santa in the delivery room! Ok he's not really Santa, but he looks like him! 😉

Otherwise things are going well, we finally have an official closing date for the house! Yay! And a tentative moving date. Pray that all goes smoothly with the move and that the boys cooperate and wait until their scheduled date to arrive! We have just over 4 weeks to get moved and settled! Pray!!!

Well for uneventful I sure typed a lot! Happy weekend everyone!

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