Friday, April 27, 2012

Why are you up there mommmy?

29 weeks 4 days

Today we decided to take Madelynn with us to the appointment. She was very patient in the waiting room and all of the ladies in reception thought she was just too cute. For the first 15 minutes she asked lots of "why?" and wanted to know why mommy was laying on the bed. She was interested in the actual scan for the length of time it took to measure Baby A's femur, then she was over it. Thank goodness we thought ahead and brought the iPad! It's amazing how well she will sit for that!

The babies were all doing well today, all three had their heads near each other again, which is funny to see, but also difficult for the sonographer! All of their fluid levels were normal as well as all of the dopplers with the exception of one... Can you guess who? Yep, Baby B, his umbilical artery was peaking high again, otherwise he continues to be normal and was moving around and practicing breathing today. We actually had the chance to see him yawn in "4D", which was really cool.

The boys were also checked for growth today...

Baby A: 3 lbs 3 oz
Baby B: 2 lbs 10 oz
Baby C: 3 lbs 0 oz

A is apparently our chunky guy! B is still the smallest, but we were happy to see that the difference between A and B isn't quite as big right now. C is holding out as our middle guy. The doctors are pleased with their growth, I'm happy to have 2 babies that have reached 3 lbs at 29 weeks 4 days! Go babies, keep growing! So yeah for all of you who aren't mathematicians that is 8 lbs 13 oz of baby. 3 more ounces and we will be at 9 pounds total! No wonder it's getting harder to move! The rest of the appointment was uneventful, scheduling was a nightmare as it was a different lady and she wasn't understanding that Friday mornings work best and have been when we have scheduled ever since December. The normal scheduler was there and was trying to explain it, but eventually just gave up and told me to fix it when I'm there next week. We will now be having weekly appointments (which is pretty much what it has been!) with a prenatal visit every other week. But we only have at most 5 more Fridays before the boys will be here! Craziness!

On that note, please pray that I stay pregnant for another 5(plus) weeks and that the boys continue to grow and be healthy. Please pray that my final week at work goes smoothly next week and I can accomplish all I need to before my leave starts. It's going to be weird to not go to work! Also continue to pray that everything moves forward with moving. We will hopefully know the official moving date within the next few days, but the uncertainty is driving me crazy! Thanks for all of the prayers!

Oh and for your viewing pleasure... a friend of mine at work has been taking weekly belly shots the last few weeks.  Here is one from this week.  Please remember that there are 3 babies in my belly and they weigh almost 9 pounds total!!!

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