Friday, May 25, 2012

Only 2 appointments left! (33 weeks 4 days)

Today was actually a short appointment, which was surprising because the last few have been incredibly long. My prenatal visit was good. My blood pressure was slightly elevated when they took it the first time, but the second time it was great, so they aren't worried. Everything else is going well. My pubic bone has been hurting when I do certain things and it was determined that it is likely separating at this point, so by a week from Tuesday we shall see how it feels! I really can't complain though, I feel very blessed to be this far along and still not on bedrest!

The boys were fairly well behaved today. Baby C was practice breathing almost the whole time. The sonographer felt that he was probably asleep because he wasn't moving around a lot until she tormented him a bit. ;-) Babies A and B were moving all over the place, but refused to breathe for the longest time, then after we had a discussion with them (haha) they both decided to practice one after the other. They are really cramped in there, so it's getting much harder to see things. I just can't believe we only have 2 scheduled appointments left! Yikes!

This weekend we have lots of fun things planned. My twin neice and nephew turn 4 this weekend and we have their party on Saturday. I still remember holding them in the hospital the day they were born, can't believe they are 4 already! Then we have a couple of friends coming over with their kiddos. One last BBQ before the boys arrive! And Dan and Maddy have a special activity planned. Maddy is so excited! Can you tell?

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