Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2 weeks or less!

2 weeks from today is the scheduled c-section... That just seems so hard to imagine. I am super excited to meet these little dudes, but seeing 3 bouncy seats all lined up and 3 cribs in the nursery makes it a bit overwhelming as well. The uncertainty of not knowing what kind of hospital stay is ahead is also a bit overwhelming. We were told last week that the last triplets born were 35 and 2 and were able to go home when the mom was. We don't want to get our hopes up, but at least there may be a chance that we will get to have at least one of the boys with us, honestly though all I want is 3 healthy guys whatever that means by way of hospital stay.

Today's appointment went well, the boys are doing well in their cramped quarters. Baby B took forever to decide to breathe, so while we were waiting for Baby B, Daniel and I were dozing off and on, oops! This being up late every night of the week thing has been draining!

That brings me to the next big news... We are officially moved into the new house! Ask me where anything is and I probably couldn't tell you, but we are in the house! We had such a great team of friends and family that we were able to not only get moved in, but also get some things unpacked. We have many rooms completely unpacked including Maddy's room, the boys' room, and the playroom. You know, the most important ones! We are just so thankful to all of those who helped us move. Words won't ever be able to truly express our gratitude. Don't think that gets you out of baby duty though!

This post is probably pretty scattered, so I hope you bear with me. I'm hoping to catch up on sleep in the next few days, so that may help! Please pray that the boys continue to grow and that they continue to cook until their scheduled arrival. Also pray that we are able to get settled into the house before the boys arrive and that we are able to catch up on sleep! We know that our days of getting sleep are numbered!

Here are some pictures of the Boys' room.  It's not quite finished, but it's a start.

This is looking in from the doorway

Baby A's Crib
Baby B's Crib (they each have a Pooh Bear with their "letter" on it!)

Baby C's Crib

Nursery from the closet view

Curtains are navy blue with green/brown polka dot ribbons to tie them back

Last but not least... the changing table

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