Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Twice a week! (32 weeks 1 day)

Today was the first of our biweekly visits, which we will have every Tuesday and Friday from now until the boys arrive. Today should have been short and sweet; however, the boys had other plans. First, the sonographer located each boy, which is what they typically do. Then, when she went to start scanning A's head was nowhere to be found. The little man had managed to flip around from head down to breech to shove his head up under my belly button between his brothers. Once she figured out where everyone was for the second time she was able to start scanning. Since today was just a biophysical profile she just had to look at heart rate, amniotic fluid level, movement, and practice breathing. Easier said than done! Since A had been doing acrobatic flips his heart rate was very high, so we had to check him again later on. By the fourth time she checked his heart rate he was apparently getting ready to nap bc his heart rate was in the 130s. B was well behaved today, I think my talk with him really helped because he has behaved for the last few scans! He had the hiccups, which was funny to watch. C was the trouble maker today. He refused to practice breathing for us... He would take one or two breaths and then stop. What a turd! I had to roll to either side and then back to my back and she had to wiggle the ultrasound wand on my belly and he finally started breathing! Last week he was breathing so much it was screwing with the dopplers! The cool part about him taking 20 minutes to decide to practice was that in the middle of it all she was able to get a picture with all 3 of their heads in one shot. I think they are already plotting against me!

Next appointment is Friday and so for now the boys are good.

Oh and the move begins...

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