Friday, April 20, 2012

28 weeks 4 days update

Can't believe we are at 28 weeks and 4 days. It just seems crazy to have reached the third trimester already and to know that all these boys need to do now is grow! Our appointment this am went well. For once baby B decided to be cooperative and let the sonographer get all of his numbers easily, A and C on the other hand were not so helpful. I had to roll over and back just to try to get them to move, which is kind of difficult on a stretcher and 28 weeks pregnant with triplets! As far as their numbers - all looked good. Baby B was fluctuating between normal and abnormal for his umbilical artery, which is pretty standard at this point, but earned us an add on appointment. Good thing is that that are going to do the growth scan a week earlier, so I'll know their weights next week. It's always nice to hear how big they are getting. I also had a prenatal visit today, which went well. The doctor came in and was chuckling saying "you are just doing great, your blood pressure is better than mine!" he is so happy with how the boys look and how well I'm responding to the pregnancy. We set my last day of work for May 3rd, though he said I could stop now if I wanted to. I told him that since it is part time I thought I'd be ok until May, so we agreed to that. He said my cervix looked good and that it hasn't changed. Both he and the other peri there today did not think that preterm labor would be an issue in the near future, but to pay attention to contractions when they come. So far I have only had a few, and they are the typical Braxton Hicks that go away with change in position. He did warn us that at this point in a multiple pregnancy that the growth of the babies will likely slow down as the placenta can only do so much to keep up and that 80% of triplets born even at 35 weeks are considered small for gestational age. It was nice to have that warning, because so far A and C have been tracking right on for singletons and I think it would have worried me if all of a sudden they were falling behind. Our goal is still 35 weeks and the doctor is very hopeful that we will make it to that point. That's just a few days over 6 weeks away! Yikes! On another note I'm finally in the (+) category for weight! I have officially gained back everything I had lost during the first half of the pregnancy and am now 3lbs to the positive. I don't think gaining weight will be much of an issue as at this point I seem to always be hungry! Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers! We ask that you continue to pray for the health of the boys and the health of the pregnancy and especially for Baby B as he continues his crazy trend of fluctuating normal/abnormal and continues to be our little man. Also please, please, please pray that things continue to move forward with our move and that everything falls into place. The closing date is now mid May, which is going to be a bit crazy!

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