Friday, April 6, 2012

Now I'm a Superstar! (26 weeks 4 days)

Today was a marathon appointment! We were in the office for almost 3 hours, but got everything accomplished that they needed. First we had our fetal echocardiograms done on each baby. It was absolutely amazing to watch the cardiologist look at an ultrasound image of a tiny heart and point out every structure and each vein and artery. I'm pretty good at this point with identifying major things, but I look at the heart and say, there are the four chambers, after that I'm clue less. The speed at which Dr. W could point everything out to us was just fascinating. All that to say, the boys' hearts are perfect. So that was good to hear. During the echo Baby B's umbilical artery was abnormal again, it was actually showing little pauses, something about diastolic end. So Dr. W said he wanted my regular doctors to keep an eye on it.

Next was our normal growth scan, cervix check, fluid levels and doppler studies. My cervix is still holding strong. I was told this week that I am a superstar. I have no control over my cervix, but apparently it has earned me superstar status! All of the babies fluid levels were normal, and all of their doppler studies were normal, with the exception of Baby B. His umbilical artery was peaking high again, not enough to be abnormal, but higher than it should be. Fortunately each time they took it they did not see the little pause, so they are thinking it was just a fluke that it was happening, but just in case it wasn't we have to go back next week. As far as growth, A is our chunky monkey and B is lagging behind.

Here were their weights:
Baby A - 2 lbs 6 oz
Baby B - 1 lb 11 oz
Baby C - 2 lbs

They have all gained weight since the last growth scan, so they are pleased, but are obviously going to keep a close eye on B. Right now, he is still growing on his scale that he has been on, so he's ok, but we don't want him to fall any farther behind.

One of the coolest parts of the scan was watching all of the babies practice their breathing. It was so neat to watch their lungs and ribs move. It was making it hard to get some of the readings, but the sonographer said it was the best problem to have and that it was especially good to see with Baby B since he is the smallest.

My prenatal visit was good too. My blood sugars are good and the one medication I am on is seeming to control my fasting sugar like it is supposed to, so that means at least a little longer before we have to move to insulin. The longer the better! My blood pressure was great, which is amazing because I had just had blood drawn and she literally just finished saying, next week we will give you the Rhogam shot. I don't know if anyone else has had this shot, but it burns like crazy. Definitely not looking forward to that next week!

Please pray for the boys, that they continue to grow and that they continue to be comfortable where they are! We want to meet them, but not until after 34 weeks! Please pray that Baby B continues to do ok and that his umbilical artery numbers stabilize again. Oh and we are selling our house and buying a new one, so pray that everything works out so that we can close on the day we have selected.

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter! Madelynn is so excited for the egg hunt at our church tomorrow! I can't wait to see how much fun she has!

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