Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crazy weekend

Wow, what a busy couple of days! Friday started with an early morning appointment. I had my lovely Rhogam shot, which wasn't nearly as bad this time around! Here's hoping that the boys have negative blood type so I don't have to get another shot! In case you all were wondering, I'm a wuss and hate getting shots! We had a quick ultrasound this week, just to check fluid levels and blood flow for each baby. This time all of the babies were behaving! All three of them had completely normal numbers for each artery they scanned. Apparently baby B wants to keep us on our toes! The doctor said that it is not uncommon for a baby to fluctuate between "normal" and "abnormal" and that because he is fluctuating they are not overly concerned. He said they will just continue to watch it closely to make sure nothing crazy happens. He then proceeded to say "everything looks good with all 4, I mean 3 of them." I immediately said, "that's not funny!" and as he walked out of the room he says "it is if you aren't pregnant!" It made us chuckle. We really like the high risk doctors we see, which makes this whole thing a bit less scary. On a side note, I have been sick for the past week, which has not been fun! I think I am on the upswing, but now poor Maddy has it. It has also seemed to mess with my blood sugars. They changed the dosage of my medication again, but they have still been screwy, so I guess we will see how the next few days look. This is the last oral medication dosage I can try before having to switch to insulin. I'm really hoping that we have at least a couple weeks more before having to switch, but if it's what is needed to keep the babies and me healthy, I'll do whatever I need to do. So for now, we are doing well. Friday afternoon we had the home inspection for the home we are buying and aside from a few minor things, the house is in great shape. I can't wait until we have a place to fit everything. We have a few more hurdles to jump before we know everything is set with our buyers and our mortgage application, but Lord willing it will all work out and we will be closing the beginning of May! Today, my best friend, Elyse, threw a shower for us and it was fantastic! Madelynn and Dan joined me, and we had a nice time celebrating these little men with lots of friends and family. It was a bit overwhelming to open all of the gifts and see sets of three of things. We are truly loved and I have a feeling these boys will be spoiled rotten. Elyse found this cute elephant decal and used it to theme the shower, it was so cute. She even had a cute gray elephant for each boy and a big pink one for Maddy. It was just a great day! We now have enough newborn diapers to make it through one month and about the same amount of size ones. Yep, around 800 diapers in each size, which will last approximately a month! Craziness! Thanks to all of you who were able to come and support us! We love you all! We are getting ready to go through the items from the shower again to see what we actually have because it was such a whirlwind! Tomorrow morning bright and early Daniel will be running the Hershey 10k to support the Ronald McDonald house, so say a prayer for him as it starts at 7 am! This is actually a shorter distance race for him, so I have no doubt he will be able to do it without trouble! Please keep praying for the health of our boys and for continued health of the pregnancy. Also please pray that we will be able to close on the houses according to plan! I will be 28 weeks on Monday, so Lord willing that means I have another 7 weeks to cook these guys!

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