Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Festivities

We started the weekend off with Egg-o-Rama at our church.  Our nanny, Abbey, my friend, Sherisa and I packed up the kids and went to enjoy the fun while Dan helped my brother and his wife move.  My parents met us there, which was excellent since we had 5 kiddos in the 2-5 age group and then my niece Emma was in the older group, so we had enough adults to manage all of the kids!  The kids had fun having their faces painted and seeing the Easter bunny.  They also cleaned up when it came to egg hunt time!  After the hunt was over they sorted through their eggs and then had some time to play on the playground before we called it a day.

(top left:  Joleigh, Addy, Aiden, Maddy, Jordyn, and Emma - it was hard to get them to all stay in the picture!)

(All of the girls had their faces painted, somehow I missed Jordyn)

Sunday was an early day with church at 8 am, and Dan stayed for all 3 services to sing. It was a great service and the kids had a blast during their service!  After church Maddy and I joined my brother, sister in law and kids for breakfast.  We stopped at home for a few minutes so Maddy could enjoy her new lawn mower from the Easter bunny and then we were off to my parents for the afternoon.  We had a good meal and the kids had fun with another egg hunt and opening presents from grandma and pap-pap as well as from each other.  Shortly after we finished presents at my parents we headed to Dan's parents and had more good food while Maddy enjoyed getting yet another Easter basket.  I think she may be a bit spoiled!  All in all we had a busy weekend, but had so much fun spending time with our family and friends!  Next year I think it may be even more chaotic with 3 little boys in the mix!

(it was really early, so she was a bit out of it!)

(Maddy had so much fun with her cousins!)

Oh and with all the craziness of the weekend I completely forgot to take a picture of Maddy in her Easter dress!  Fortunately my brother is doing a Mommy and Me photo shoot next weekend and Maddy will be wearing her dress again for that!

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