Friday, March 23, 2012


We have reached 24 weeks and 4 days, which is fantastic! This means the boys are officially viable and if I were to deliver now they would have a fighting chance at survival!  Fortunately at my appointment everything checked out really well, so hopefully delivery is not in the near future.  All 3 of the boys were moving around like crazy and Baby B made it especially difficult to get the Doppler of the artery in his brain, so much so that I had to roll to my side and back again for the sonographer to even get a glimpse.  Thankfully she's quick and was able to get a reading before he moved again.  All of the numbers for Baby A and C came back normal (doppler of umbilical artery, ductus venosis in the belly, the MCA in the brain, and their amniotic fluid index).  Baby B is trying to cause trouble again and his umbilical artery came back as "borderline abnormal".  All of his other numbers were fine and his umbilical artery would fluctuate between normal and abnormal.  The doctor said he is not worried about it at all, so we are trying not to as well. Apparently baby B is going to be our trouble maker! He better get it out of his system now!  My cervix also checked out well, earning me the title of "cervix of steel" from the doctor.  Dan made me laugh when we were walking out, saying "I knew you were a superhero, but I had no idea you were made of steel!". 

On another note, Madelynn is getting more and more excited for her brothers to come.  Tonight in the car she said "can you take me to the hospital to see my brothers.", we laughed and said, not yet!  We took her to a Big Siblings class designed for toddlers at the hospital last week and she did so well. She listened and followed the directions.  She even confused the "helper" giving the tour of the postpartum until.  The lady asked if she was having a sister or a brother and Madelynn just said, "No, 3!" we cracked up and then explained to the poor lady.  On our way out of the hospital, she told everyone she saw the rules to being a big sister (wash hands, hold with two hands,  don't touch the belly button and sit down!). It was really cute.  I have no doubt in my mind that she is going to be a fantastic big sister!

Here are a few ultrasound pics, we only got A and C today, like I said B is a troublemaker!
First ultrasound - 9 weeks

22 weeks 4 days - an attempt at getting all of them in one shot

22 weeks 4 days - Baby B face up toward the camera

24 weeks 4 days - Baby A profile

24 weeks 4 days - Baby C profile, Baby A tried to get in the pic too, legs or arms are by Baby C's face

Our prayer requests this week are that the babies continue to grow and stay healthy, and that my cervix continues to hold up and behave so these boys can cook as long as possible! Our next goal is 28 weeks!  Also please pray that things with selling our house works out, it's been quite the ride and we are hoping we can get it all worked out before the boys come!  Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers! We appreciate it!

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  1. Yay for 24 weeks, congrats!! I am so glad you left a comment on my blog- it makes me feel like its all worthwhile! Besides wanting to document for my "baby books" I also hope my experiences can help others as I know the trip,et blogs I read while I was pregnant taught me oh-so-much! Can't wait to go back and start reading your story now :)