Friday, March 2, 2012

Another ultrasound... (21 weeks 4 days)

We had a quick visit, and fortunately we had our favorite sonographer and our "favorite" doctor was there today. This sonographer is great, she takes her time and explains stuff, she also knew how stressed we were about Baby B, so she took the time to look up the numbers prior to going out to speak with the doctor, it was so nice! The doctor that was on this week looks kind of like Santa, so how can that not be reassuring?

Now, what you all want to hear - Baby B is back on program! All of his numbers were within the norms today, which means I can breathe for a few days. I always get anxious a few days before an appointment, and since I have one Friday, I expect the anxiety will increase again then. Babies A and C are good as well, A seems to have camped out in the bottom part of my uterus and is not sharing space with his brothers well. He is always all stretched out and the other two are always in funny cramped positions or pushing each other out of the way. It's kind of funny. Dan said "well A was obviously there first." We were just so happy to hear that our little men were doing well.

The doctor also talked to me about the goals for this pregnancy. The first goal is 24 weeks, he said that they are viable(can live outside the uterus with lots of help) at 23 weeks, but the goal is always 24. The next goal after that is 28 weeks, then we set goals for every 2 weeks after that. He also said that even if everyone looks great at 35 weeks, they will deliver at that point. He said with 3 babies sharing one placenta it is too much of a risk to go much past that point. So that means in 13 weeks or less we will be sharing the news of the triplets arrival, and Lord willing they will all be happy and healthy!

Our next appointment is Friday, and at that point we will have a growth scan as well as a typical prenatal visit. They also gave me a break from a cervix check this week, so they will look at that next week as well. Oh what fun!

Please continue to pray for our little guys! Pray that everyone "behaves" and cooperates to get past the 24 week mark. We are already totally in love with these boys, so just pray for their continued health as well as mine! Thank you all for the prayers last week, I truly felt at peace knowing God would protect our guys, and especially Baby B.

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