Friday, February 24, 2012

20 weeks 4 days - Quick Update

We had a "quick" appointment today - only 45 mins!

The appointment was another doppler study, along with an amniotic fluid check and a cervical length check. My cervix is long and holding steady, so they are pleased about that. All three babies are moving around like crazy and tried to make it very difficult for the sonographer and doctor to get the measurements that they needed. Babies A and C are doing very well and everything looks normal. Baby B on the other hand is trying to be a problem child already. His umbilical artery doppler was coming up slightly abnormal, now they said not to be concerned, but I'm pregnant with identical triplets here, so of course I'm worried! They said the doppler for both his belly (ductus arteriosus) and his brain (MCA) are perfectly normal, his amniotic fluid level was normal, and his bladder was full which is normal. That all combined with his movement being normal they are not overly concerned because I am only 20 weeks 4 days and sometimes early on they can get an occasional strange reading. They said if more than one thing was abnormal that would be cause for concern, but for now they are just going to keep a close watch on it. So that means I have another doppler study and amniotic check next week.

Please pray that A and C continue to do well, and also pray that next week's scan shows that all is back to normal with Baby B. Also if you could please remember to pray for us during the next week I would appreciate it, even though the doctors reassured me, it is hard not to panic. For now I will try to remain focused on the fact that everything else was perfectly normal. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!

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