Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quick Update

Just a quick update this week...

We had an ultrasound on Friday and all looks good. It was just a quick scan to check the length of my cervix, which is behaving nicely thank goodness and to check that the babies are sharing the nutrients well and also to check the amniotic fluid levels around each baby. With identical twins and in our case triplets, there is a large concern for what is referred to as twin to twin transfusion syndrome (or as the doctor said Friday triplet to triplet) which is when the babies develop communicating blood vessels between them vs just to and from the placenta as they should. This would result in one baby being very large and the others being much smaller, as a result one would have too much fluid to manage causing risk for kidney failure or congestive heart failure as well as hydrocephalus, while the other (or others) would have too little fluid causing poor urine output, kidney issues, anemia, decreased blood pressure and also a possibility for hypovolemic stroke. Scary stuff. There are cutting edge treatments out there, such as laser surgery if this occurs prior to the time when the babies could be safely delivered, otherwise treatment is to deliver the babies if it happens past the 26 week mark. Our doctor was very concerned when she initially diagnosed the triplets as being identical, but thankfully there are no signs of TTTS at this point. Please pray that this continues to not be an issue and that the babies share nicely! Our doctor was very pleased with how the triplets look and she's excited to find out if they are girls or boys at the next appointment on February 10th! We can't wait to find out either!!!

On another note, we watched "Life As We Know It" this weekend and saw at the end that the toddler was played by 3 actresses, turns out they are identical triplets! So, we know we always have a future in show biz! ;-)

Hopefully the next update will continue to have positive things to say, and I hope to be announcing the gender then too! Please pray that these little ones stay healthy and keep growing!

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