Monday, February 13, 2012

The Moment You've All Been Waiting For...


For those of you who are living vicariously through us, and want to wait until the babies arrive to know whether they are boys or girls, do not read any further! Well, you can read further, just don't look at the pictures below...

We know there are a lot of people that have been waiting for us to reveal the triplets' gender. Thank you for your patience. You may now skip to the bottom of the page for the big reveal!

First things first, they are healthy and sharing well.  Babies A and C are 8 oz, and B is 7oz. The docs are not concerned with this difference, and all umbilical cords are functioning as they should. 

They performed the anatomy scan at this visit, and everyone has the parts they should. Heart beats are strong. A and C are a little lower, so we figured we have 2 distance runners and 1 sprinter. Jen wants to add that they were able to check arteries and ventricles in the brain... It's pretty crazy what they can see at 18 weeks. 

On the subject of 18 weeks, we are hopefully halfway through the pregnancy. They won't allow triplets to go passed 37 weeks, and we want to go as long as possible. Not that we don't want to see them, but at 36+ weeks NICU stays are not mandatory. 

Although the babies are measuring normal, Jen is still really struggling to gain weight. I have tried my best to shove (healthy) food in front of her, but the kids are taking so many calories that it's tough for her to eat enough. 

One other prayer request at the moment is that they are going to do cervix checks at our biweekly appointments. As of this week, no changes were noted! This will be one of the contributing factors when it comes to make a decision about bed rest.


Finally, just in case the pictures did not load properly, we bought BLUE balloons!

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