Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Due Date!!

I cannot believe that today is the boys original due date!  I also can't believe that had I been pregnant with a singleton I could very well still be pregnant! Thanks boys for making it shorter for me!  We have had the boys for 5 weeks and I cannot imagine it any other way.  It's amazing how quickly you discover a new normal.

The boys are getting huge!  Ryder is still our tiny guy, but with the week he's had it really doesn't surprise me.  Shortly after the doctor's appointment last Tuesday we noticed white spots on Ryder's tongue.  And of course Wednesday was July 4th, so we had to wait until Thursday to get medicine for his thrush.  Because he was uncomfortable he wasn't eating as well, but fortunately he was still gaining weight.  We started Nystatin and though it is taking care of his thrush it's making him throw up, so we have yet again increased his calories as he is not getting as much volume.  I'm hopeful that it won't be too much longer and we can be done with it.

We are now feeding them every 3.5 - 4 hours on demand and we are letting them go as long as they want after the midnight feeding.  We did manage to sleep six hours last night!  Pretty sure we won't be that lucky again, but I'll take it!

The boys continue to be more alert and are much more interactive.  They alert to rattles and our voices and we have even received a few smiles!  It has been fun watching them change over the past few days even.

We were daring the other evening and took the family out to eat at Maddy's favorite place, Red Robin.  We survived and they boys did great!  I don't know how frequently we will be going anywhere for meals, but it was nice to get out of the house and enjoy a wrap and fries!

Today we had to take the boys for hip ultrasounds just to make sure that everything developed correctly due to their positioning when they were in my belly.  I'm happy to say that all six hips looked perfect!  The boys were very good for the ultrasounds and actually slept most of the time.  After the ultrasound we went to MFM to visit.  Everyone was thrilled to see the boys and how big they were.  How fitting that we went to see them on the boys due date!

Here are some pictures from last night....

Clockwise from top left - Maddy, Daniel, Ryder, Garrett
Daniel, Ryder, Garrett (5 weeks! Happy Due Date!)

Daniel was talking to Daddy

Ryder yawning
Garrett thinking about giving us a smile
Maddy was picking my flowers!

Maddy enjoys blowing the dandelion seeds!

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