Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

We had a busy day as usual, but it was such a fun day!  We had two friends stop by in the morning to hang out with the boys, and they were nice enough to help with a feeding while they were here!  I'm so glad they came as they are fellow counselors for a camp that we participate in and for obvious reasons we won't be able to do camp this year.  I will share more about Camp S.T.A.R. later as we are still planning on going to camp for part of the day.  It wouldn't be summer without it!

This afternoon we went to my friend's parent's house for a BBQ and some pool time for Maddy.  She just loves her friends, Jordyn and Joleigh, and we can relax and have fun when we are with them.  I have known their mommy since freshman year of high school and I am so thankful to have a friend like her!  Her parents are such loving and helpful people, so we were happy to spend the day there.  And since it just feels like extended family, everyone helped with the boys, which gave me a little break!  Dan on the other hand got in the pool with Maddy, so he is exhausted tonight!

Here are some cute pictures from our day...

Maddy swimming with Daddy!
Swim Jordy, Swim!

Grace (Sherisa's neice) being her adorable self

Joleigh being her crazy self!

Jordyn, Maddy, Joleigh... it's tough to get all of them to look the same way!

The kids

Having a tea party... these two are so cute together
The boys!

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