Tuesday, July 17, 2012

6 weeks old

6 weeks have gone by so quickly! The boys are so incredibly cute and oh so chubby! We are having so much fun getting to have a little "play time" each day. The boys are becoming so much more interactive and every now and then we get a smile that is not gas related! Madelynn has enjoyed playing with them on their activity mats too! They are also eating a ton! Daniel has graduated to 6 oz bottles, while the other two get 5 oz bottles. They eat every 4 hours throughout the day. We then feed them at midnight and they go anywhere from 5-7 hours after that. We love the 7 hour days!

This past week was a bit crazy. Tuesday during the day I missed a pumping session bc of the boys hip ultrasound. Then, Tuesday evening my pump started acting funny, so I thought that it was the battery dying and that I just needed to charge it. Well I had it plugged in all night and the next morning it was still dead. I was thinking gee great. Even plugged in it wasn't working. I made sure to have the boys nurse at each feeding and I called Medela. The Medela rep thought it was my charger, so even though the pump was out of warranty she sent a new one overnight free of charge! I received the new charger Thursday around 10:15 and immediately attempted to plug in the pump. Well it didn't work. So off we went to babies r us to get a new pump. As a result of the 2.5 days without a pump, my supply took a big hit. Fortunately it seems to be improving, but I'm still not getting what I was. The scary part is that without providing at least some breast milk we will be using a can of formula a day. Yikes. The coolest part of this whole ordeal was that Tuesday morning we received two checks in the mail for supplies for the babies... The total was exactly the amount of the new pump. It is amazing how God provides!

We were also able to have our first date night on Saturday night. We left the boys and Madelynn with someone other than family, which was super stressful for me, but went really well. We were able to enjoy dinner with good friends. It was so nice to have an adult conversation and enjoy a meal without the interruption of a crazy two year old or fussing from a newborn!

We have a weekend trip planned for this upcoming weekend, so we get to figure out how to pack a car for a family of 6 for an overnight stay. We are looking forward to the adventure and I will have to write about it when we get back!

Until then some cuteness...

1. Sleepy Ryder 2. The boys in their big boy crib 3. Drowsy Garrett 4. Happy Daniel

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  1. Ugh - missing sessions can really do a number on supply! Nice to hear that Medela was so accommodating, but too bad that wasn't the problem!!! Hope you're able to get back to where you were! I think at my best, I pumped about 14oz - though that didn't happen very often :) Keep up the good work - love the pictures! Ryder looks so FAT (in a good way, of course) - that's awesome!! :)