Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Baby C... Almost 2 years old!

Last but certainly not least...

Garrett Campbell... aka baby C.  Garrett's middle name was chosen for my best friend and "sister" Elyse and I could not have chosen a better boy to fit her personality.  He is so loving and caring, and my worrier, but he is also a huge goofball and so far pretty "athletic".  Though I think he already shoots a basketball better than Aunt E. :)

Garrett loves to shoot baskets and will shoot over and over all day long.  We recently went to a birthday party at MyGym and all he wanted was to shoot hoops. Silly guy!  He is strong and has done all his gross motor skills first, including jumping and walking down the stairs like a big kid.

G is my biggest momma's boy and likes to keep a close eye on my whereabouts. He cries every week when I drop him off at church even though he is always playing and laughing when I come back to pick him up.  He is my "OCD" boy and everything has to be in order to make him happy, doors have to be shut, shoes placed in the drawer, etc.  He also LOVES his Crocs and will put them on first thing in the morning before he is even dressed.  He has the most words as far as language goes, but doesn't always use it so effectively.  He is my pickiest eater, but loves his veggies and fruit. He is a good sleeper, but often takes the longest to fall asleep at night.  Twice last week he went to bed without me being there, which makes me a little sad.  They are growing up way too quickly!
G and mommy!

The oh so special Crocs.

Best way to eat an Oreo!

Shoot G!

Don't forget the gloves!

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