Friday, May 9, 2014

Baby A... Almost 2 years old!

Over the next couple of weeks I wanted to highlight each boy separately. I always do group posts and sometimes their individuality gets lost in the mix.  Yes they are identical, but their personalities are very different!

Daniel Jeffrey aka baby A. He is the biggest in size and definitely uses that to his advantage!  He is a total Abbey's boy (our nanny) and would probably go home with her every day. :). He loves to dance and if he hears music he will stop whatever he is doing to dance no matter where we are.  He is constantly jabbering and I call him the Sweedish Chef because most of the time I have no idea what he is saying.  He is my only lefty in all of my 4 children, and Dan is hoping that will mean good things for his baseball career. He runs everywhere he goes - full steam ahead - and has a few cuts and scrapes to show for it.  He is also my best sleeper. Goes right to bed, falls asleep on his own and often needs to be awakened in the morning.  I wish he would teach his brothers!

He looks like Ryder in this picture! (Don't mind the mess behind us!)

Silly boy

Trying to swing like big sis.

Asleep wherever he lies down!

Daniel and his Abbey. (He is the only one that can say Abbey, and he says it more than momma, should I be worried?) :)

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