Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy First Easter!

The boys had a fun, but busy Easter weekend.  Saturday started with a photo shoot at our church for an upcoming article about the boys and what it's like to raise triplets.  We are pretty excited to see the finished product when it comes out next month!  The boys were so well behaved, and Maddy was too!  As soon as the portraits were finished, the photographer was able to take some candid photos during the Easter egg hunt.  The boys enjoyed holding them and trying to chew on them!  Madelynn, on the other hand, was hilarious.  She told me that she only wanted pink and purple eggs.  I tried to encourage her to just get whatever she could.  I'm not joking when I say thousands of people come to this event at our church, so being selective is not necessarily the best choice.  Well she proved me wrong, of her 19 eggs she only had 5 that were not pink or purple.  Way to go little lady.

From there we went to a friend's daughter's 3rd birthday at a playground.  It was so nice to spend the whole day outside.  The boys were definitely a focal point, which I kind of felt badly about, but the birthday girl got lots of love too!  The boys enjoyed bubbles and stealing cake from one another.  Daniel decided he didn't want to share with his brothers and crawled over and grabbed Maddy's whole piece off of the plate.  I guess he showed us!  Don't worry, she got another piece.

On Sunday, Dan had to be at church early for worship team practice as there were 3 services instead of the typical 2, meaning he missed the kids getting their baskets.  I tried to take lots of pictures though!  The boys immediately went for Maddy's basket, fortunately she was still in bed, so she didn't even realize it.  They had fun pulling their things out of the baskets.  It was funny to watch how each one had a different technique.  Daniel was content to just pull one thing out of his basket and had to have his attention drawn to the next thing before he moved on.  Ryder would look at what Daniel had, get his own out and then try to take Daniel's item.  Garrett very methodically took each item out, looked at it and then moved onto the next.  At one point Ryder had both his basket and Daniel's.  What a sneaky thief!  Maddy had fun getting all of her things out as well and was most excited about her new books and her chapstick!

Here are a few Easter pictures...

My crazy kiddos!  Apparently Ryder was nervous!

Look, he is an absolute thief!

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