Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On the move!

Wow, these boys are everywhere! Garrett has started pulling up to standing pretty much anywhere he can. He has also decided that the coffee table is a great place to hide as he climbs into it. He also took his firsts steps cruising today! Yikes, I'm a bit terrified of the thought of three toddlers!

Daniel has figured out how to open the gate as well as Garrett, so now if it isn't locked they are gone! He has also learned the coffee table trick. Apparently boys like forts from a very early age!

Ryder's surgery went really well (thanks for the prayers!) and ever since he has been up on his hands and knees when crawling and just crawling more often. He seems to be about two weeks behind Garrett with his gross motor skills, so at least I have some time to prepare once Garrett learns a new "trick" as Maddy calls it!

Hope you all had a happy valentine's day!

Enjoy the last few weeks of winter!

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