Friday, November 1, 2013

15/16 Months and Halloween Happenings

As usual, I haven't updated in quite some time.

We had our 15 month check up and the boys are growing like crazy!  Daniel was 23.5lbs, Ryder 21lbs and Garrett was 22.5lbs.  They are all 30" or taller as well, but I don't remember the specifics because it was in September!

The boys have been healthy, though Ryder had to deal with an ear infection that took two rounds of antibiotics to really kick.  Thankfully it was only one or two sleepless nights in there as he is so happy typically!

The boys are really starting to talk more and are repeating sounds much more frequently.  Every now and then we get random words that seem to come out of nowhere!  

The boys love to play with puzzles, little people, cars and books.  They love reading books and will sit intently listening to their bedtime story!

They are always on the move, climbing on everything and using each other to reach things.  Ryder isn't yet walking as well as his brothers, but he is taking more and more steps each day.  I've learned that with Ryder I need to just be patient, he does things on his terms.  The newest skill in the household is that Daniel can reach the pull down door handles and provide "freedom" to his brothers... Like when they showed up on the deck while we were letting the dog out!  The deadbolt is locked all the time now!

October has been a busy month!  We started the month going to the Halloween Parade and the kids loved it!  We definitely had an advantage and got tons of candy!  Maddy was pretty happy to be a big sister to triplets that night!  The boys were even photographed for the local newspaper. :)

On a rare morning off I was able to go with the nanny to take the boys to a local farm for their fall harvest days.  The boys had a blast playing all morning!

Mid-month we participated in our town's Streets of Treats.  Maddy loved playing all of the games and again getting a bunch of candy!  She also made sure to always get something for her brothers.  She is a great big sister!

Just this week we had lots of activity!  Monday was Alumni Trick-or-Treat at my college and the kids again had a blast! Lots of activities and lots of candy!

And then on Halloween we had Maddy's parade at her school and of course trick or treat night!  

Maddy's best friends joined us for trick-or-treating, rounding out our Despicable Me theme by adding Margo, Edith and of course a tiny minion!  Even though we had a few tears over line leader responsibilities, the kids had a blast and the boys even walked for a little bit to get a few pieces of candy for themselves! :)

All in all it has been a busy month, but man have we had fun!

Oh and just because...

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