Saturday, January 19, 2013

Catch up and a promise to do better!

Wow! It's been forever since I have updated this blog. I'm going to blame it on life with Triplets! The same reason that my Christmas cards are only half addressed! They will probably be sent in March at this point!

Maddy is now 3 years old! We had a Lorax party that was so much fun. Maddy really enjoyed it. Thank you to all who attended, your thank you cards are hanging out with the Christmas cards!

The boys are getting so big and are little busy bodies! They were 7 months on the fifth! They now eat 3 meals a day along with 4 bottles. They get mostly baby food, but they love "people" food and have tried lots of things. Grilled cheese and carrots are some of their favorites! It is amazing to see how much 3 babies ingest in one day! Really cannot imagine the teenage years!

Daniel is my super sweet little man. He is typically my social butterfly and loves to talk and smile at people. He also loves to lick his brothers. It is quite comical! He is usually very content unless he is tired. He loves to sleep! He is now sitting, mostly propping with his hands, but he is starting to pick his hands up. He is also semi-commando crawling. Ugly form, but gets him where he wants to go! At the 6 month check up he regained the title of heaviest baby at 18 lbs 7oz and 26.5 inches!

Ryder is my jokester! He laughs at his brothers, mickey mouse, his toys, Maddy and his daddy all the time! He typically has a smile on his face, but man he has a temper! He is able to hold his bottle all by himself (so can Daniel, but Ry is the best!) and will hold it the whole time, unless he's falling asleep! He is also the best at finger foods. He isn't great at sitting, but can sit when he props himself up with his hands. He also sort of commando crawls and is getting really fast! At 6 months he weighed in at 16 lbs 2 oz and was 26.25 inches tall! Madelynn weighed 15 lbs 12 oz at 6 months! Ryder is trying to tell everyone that he really isn't THAT little!

Garrett is my curious boy who gets into EVERYTHING!! He is sitting well enough to play with toys with both hands, and he is a master at moving! He is doing a half bunny hop half crawl on his hands and knees. He is fast! So fast that we have installed new gates to keep him contained! He wants to know what's going on and is notorious for stealing things from Daniel's tray at meals! He is my cuddle bug and would much rather me snuggle with him than going to bed himself. He is also able to hold his bottle, but recently he would much prefer me to hold him and his bottle! At 6 months he was 18 lbs 2 oz and was the tallest at 27.25 inches!

We are loving or crazy, blessed life right now! I am a little terrified as to what is going to happen when all 3 move as quickly as Garrett!

My goal for this year is to update at least 2x a month! Hopefully that happens! I will also try to do some "back" dated logs for Christmas and some other fun happenings!

I'll add try to add more pics soon! We hope that you all had a great holiday season!

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