Saturday, October 13, 2012

4 months old!

It has become increasingly difficult to keep track of time. On one hand, time has flown. It still feels like the boys are brand new. Then again, I also feel like I've aged quite a lot. Adding to the confusion, just last week I was asked the following questions, "Are the twins here yet," and, "your kids are, what, a year old now?" All of that is to say that we had our 4 month checkup on Friday.

Let's start with some stats. Daniel weighs 15lbs, 9oz, and is 25 inches long. Ryder is 13lbs 2oz, and is 23.75 inches long. Garrett is 15lbs, 11oz, and is 24.5 inches long. For comparison, at 4 months Maddy was 13lbs 12 oz, 24.5 inches long. The boys are huge.

Aside from learning how much weight we're lifting, the 4 month mark is also bringing some developmental milestones. Daniel and Ryder are rolling on to their bellies regularly now. We've stopped swaddling the boys for that reason. They're still sleeping really well, and Daniel and Ryder are usually on their bellies when we wake them in the morning. Garrett gets about 80% of the way over, and then seems content to be on his side. Everyone has been rolling onto their backs for a few weeks now.

We are seeing more personality and smiles every day. Garrett seems to be about as much of a morning person as his daddy, and needs a little more time first thing in the morning before he is ready to eat and get on with his day. Daniel likes to wake up a few minutes before his brothers and is typically smiling and giggling right away.

The boys have started cereal.  They love eating and think it is so much fun to help!  (We just started peas the end of the week it took that long to get the update into the computer!)

The family has been super busy lately. I attempted to plan a birthday get together for Jennifer, but we have no free weekends for the foreseeable future. Maddy has been enjoying a weekly dance class with her friends. Jen is back to work, and I have started to travel a little more. Life has become quite the balancing act... We still try to make time daily to reflect on just how blessed we have been with 4 awesome kids, good health, and a great support system.

On another note, the boys got to experience a great weekend of football, seeing 4th quarter comeback victories by Penn State on Saturday and by the Pittsburgh Steelers (sorry Eagles fans!) on Sunday. (and we dont want to talk about the loss to the titans on Thursday night)




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