Sunday, August 19, 2012

Catching up!

Ok so this is long overdue and actually I started it a week ago...

Life has been busy lately!  Lots of changes are happening soon - I'm back to work at the end of the month and Maddy will be starting preschool!  Not sure how easy the transition back to work will be, but at least I'm only going to be working 3 days a week.

The boys are just awesome!  They are getting so big and even their 0-3m clothes are getting tight!  It will soon be time to switch out clothes again!  Speaking of switching clothes, we had to order new Woombies because Garrett and Daniel no longer fit into theirs.  I highly recommend woombies vs any other swaddle.  We have lots of the Halo sleep sacks, and while they are nice the boys always find a way to get their arms out and they don't sleep nearly as well.  Put them in a woombie and they sleep amazingly well!  Also since woombies are a little on the expensive side I contacted the company asking if they would provide a discount for multiples and within a few hours I had a code to use online for a discount!  I was so happy with that we bought 6 this time!

The boys are on a great schedule right now and I feel like everything is flowing pretty smoothly.  They eat, play, and then nap and that seems to make for happy babies!  This week we tried switching the boys to a formula for fussiness and gas because they are horribly gassy, well it did not agree with Garrett at all, so we are just going to deal with the gas.  I think it bothers me more than it does them anyway.  Ryder is finally rid of thrush so he has been allowed to nurse.  I only let him nurse on one side and then give him a bottle because he is on the higher calorie formula and I don't want him to miss out on too many extra calories.  Daniel and Garrett just have 2 spots on the roof of their mouth, so if I can remember to give them the medicine more frequently then it should be gone soon!

Daniel is our social guy.  He loves to smile and coo at everyone.  He loves to play with his activity gym and look in the mirror.  He is pretty laid back until it is time to eat and then he will let you know.  If we are a minute late he will be relentless until the bottle is in his mouth!  He also has managed to roll from belly to back.  I thought it was a fluke at first, but now he is doing it pretty consistently.  Yay buddy!

Daniel - 2 months old

Ryder is our "singleton" or so he thinks.  He prefers to have attention all the time and would much rather be held than anything else.  He is no longer willing to sleep for any length of time in his bouncy seat (which is where they typically nap) because he wants to be held instead.  Thank goodness he sleeps just fine in his crib, so overnight isn't a problem!  Ryder has rolled from belly to back once or twice and it is usually just when he's mad enough to do so.  Ryder is always giving sly smiles and has the best expressions!

Ryder - 2 months old
Garrett is our sleeper.  He loves to sleep!  He is always the first one to fall asleep and typically is the last one up in the morning.  He usually loves to eat and is often the first one done.  The last couple days hasn't been great because his belly was upset, but otherwise he is an excellent eater.  He has also rolled from belly to back, but is no where close to doing it consistently.  He is also very stingy with his smiles.  He will smile at us, but he makes you work for it!
Garrett - 2 months old

Since this is already a long post, I will try to post again tomorrow with some of the fun things we have done recently to wrap up the summer!  We still have a few fun things planned including a long weekend to the beach with some friends!  7 kids (4 infants, 2 2.5 year olds and a 5 year old!) and 7 adults, I think we are covered!

more cuteness...
Daniel, Ryder, Garrett (seriously boys, hold still!)

Daniel, Ryder, Garrett - 10 weeks
Daniel, Ryder, Garrett - 3 peas in a pod
(someone made these hats for us and they have little pea pods as the tassel!)

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